• Gavin Bastian is the owner and founder of Jolly Wrenchers. He has been working on cars since 2002, primarily on British makes. He ultimately hopes to turn Jolly Wrenchers into a trade school and full service repair center with multiple locations in the southeast to share his passion for making every vehicle an absolute pleasure for its owner with others. Gavin married Katie in 2011 and has three children. He lives in Irondale, AL.



  • Adam Wright is a close friend of Gavin and has been part of Jolly Wrenchers since 2014 as Customer Service. Adam has a deep seated passion for cars, particularly Sweeeeeedish, that will become immediately apparent in any conversation. Adam intends to remain with Jolly Wrenchers here in Birmingham and share in Gavin’s vision of multiple locations for training others in the art of car-craft. Adam lived in the United Kingdom for a number of years and lends a first hand insight to the British car industry.



  • Evans Hamilton is Jolly Wrencher’s first apprentice and has been a part of the team since 2014. Evans passion extends to anything with an engine and wheels. Evans is a transplant Floridian to Birmingham and would like someday to head up Jolly Wrenchers, Miami.


  • Myles Walker, appropriately from Texas, is Jolly Wrencher’s newest apprentice. He is currently struggling to understand how a number of small British manufacturers became embroiled in a global fight to become BMC, then BL, and final JLR Group.