Jolly Wrenchers is a full service repair facility on European makes up to 2010. If you can dream it, we can build it. We specialize in 1950s-1980s British makes. Below are some of the services that we offer.



  • Engine detailing and aluminum polishing. These services can include resealing engines against leaks, major tuneups, repainting items, tidying hose routings, and replacing parts to help your vehicle be at its best. All of our aluminum polishing is done on fixed pricing, please contact us for more info.



  • Fabrication. As part of our many custom builds we will make unique parts to blend old and modern items together in a single vehicle. This includes exhaust systems, carburettors, engine cooling components, HVAC systems, interior components, and virtually any other part of a vehicle.



  • Engine rebuilding. We can rebuild all engines to any spec requested. In most cases, we will refresh all components to factory spec or higher. We can usually help customer’s build an engine to suit their intended use of the vehicle and budget. As part of our services we can off porting, polishing, CCing, port matching, knife edging, balancing and other performance upgrades. Cosmetic items attended usually include sandblasting, magna flux, pressure checking, painting, and polishing aluminum where needed. Please contact us for pricing and info.



  • Interior. We can craft every aspect of an interior, from headliner to carpet, from woodwork to the foam under the back seat. We can add anything you want from heated seats to heated mirrors, or a booming audio system or making a ’60s Jag quiet as a modern car. We off several grades of all of the materials we use to match any budget, but we never skimp on the quality of the  workmanship.



  • Carburetors. With many years of experience, Jolly Wrenchers can rebuild, adjust, and tune your carburetors to meet all of your needs. We can also provide recommendations on types of carburetors to match the application. Cold air intakes and custom air filtering are things we can fabricate to match your needs.



  • Paint and bodywork. The newest item that we have added to the list is probably the one that will impress people the most. We are investing in a paint facility and will hopefully be able to add paintwork to the body  work and metal repairs that we are already able to offer.