Jolly Wrenchers was founded 2014 in Birmingham, AL as a full service repair facility for European marques. In the two years since its opening, Jolly Wrenchers has been successful due largely to the support of it clientele spreading the word of quality craftsmanship and a willingness to take on what other shops have not completed to their high standards. We do rely solely on a customer referral basis to grow and do require all services to be by appointment only.


Our current rates are $80/hr for 1990 and older, $90/hr for 1991 and newer. Our lead times as of winter 2016 are around 2 weeks for service work and 3 months for projects over 30 hours.


We maintain a collection of used spares and are always interested in offers to buy or trade spares for future use. Complete, used vehicles in any condition are always considered as well. Norwegian cars (Sorry, Th!nk),  need not apply.


Going forwards, Jolly Wrenchers is expecting to grow into a larger faulty in the summer of 2017. Our new location is expected to remain in the Irondale area. We are also looking to add addition people to our team. If you know of someone who would be a good fit, please feel free to share our contact information.


In the coming years, Jolly Wrenchers would like to start up a trade school to offer classes to interested individuals or clubs and share our knowledge of maintaining their cars. We are open to partnering with other shops dedicated to the craft of keeping old cars alive. Jolly Wrenchers is also interested in partially sponsoring local clubs, meets, and events to help spread the word of the vehicles we maintain and build.